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KAMA's Programs

Your Custom-Made Tutoring Program

KAMA offers multiple tutoring programs for multiple types of students. We offer advanced programs, enrichment sessions, standardized testing sessions, and small group tutoring for students in grades K-12. Please review the details of each below, and feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Advancement Program

KAMA’s Advancement program offers students in grades K-12, the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills on or above their present grade level in all content areas. Our advancement program is geared towards students who are already advanced on their current grade level, and want to be challenged in their knowledge and studies beyond their current grade level. The knowledge gained from our program will propel students ahead to the next grade level.

Enrichment Program

KAMA’s Enrichment program offers students in grades K-1, the opportunity to strengthen their existing knowledge of a specified content area. Our enrichment program is geared towards students who require additional assistance and practice within their current grade level. The knowledge gained from our program will ensure students are prepared for their next grade level.

Standardized Testing Program

KAMA’s Standardized Testing program offerings training in preparation for the PSAT/SAT/ACT tests. Our program focuses on providing students with the tools necessary to take these standardized tests with a higher degree of success. The program concentrates on both study skills and presentation skills that helps the student standout amongst their peers, resulting in a greater chance to be noticed by the college/university of their choice.

Small Group Tutoring Program

KAMA's Small Group Tutoring program is for students who require more focused assistance in any content area. In addition, it is aimed at simplifying content area studies and making it fun and engaging for students in small focus groups.

Tutoring Programs
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