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KAMA Improves 
Study Skills

​KAMA works to improve students' study skills in multiple ways:

  • KAMA teaches students how to set their priorities straight. 

  • KAMA involves students in goal-setting and prioritizing.

  • KAMA encourages students to manage their time to improve their study skills. 

  • KAMA helps students to create a personalized study plan. We help students figure out how they learn best (note-taking, flash cards, technology games, etc.). 

Four Basic Steps to
Better Vocabulary

KAMA implements four basic steps to building better vocabulary. First, be aware of words. Find out the meaning of unfamiliar words in books, on the radio, on television, etc. Don't just skip over them. Second, read! Read anything that interests you. If you're a sports fan, read the sports page of the newspaper. If you're fascinated with interior design, grab a few house magazines to read. The vocabulary you need to know will likely be in these books and more. Third, use a dictionary or context clues to determine the meaning of difficult words. Fourth, review words regularly until you fix them in your memory. This can be done by setting a set amount of time aside each day for vocabulary study.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

One size fits all is not the approach for teaching and learning. KAMA understands this dynamic and works diligently to meet learners on their level. We also work with learners using strategies that align more with their learning styles. Some students are more visual learners, so we make sure our tutors use graphs, illustrations, tables, etc. when working with these students. Other students might be auditory learners. With these learners, we might share mini lectures or have them learn lyrics to songs to help learn information. 

Exam Prep

Many colleges require students to complete the ACT and/or the SAT. While both exams contain similar sections (Reading, Math, etc.) in a predetermined order, offer an optional essay section whose score does not count toward your total score, use rights-only scoring, and contain entirely passage-based Reading and English/Writing questions, they have many differences. Our College Exam Prep courses give students the chance to cover the strategies, skills and tips needed for success on each of these standardized tests. The tutors use sample test questions to inform students of how they will be tested and how questions will be formatted. 

In The News
Four Michigan High Schools Ranked in Top 100 Nationwide

"Four Michigan high schools ranked in the top 100 nationwide by U.S. News & World Report in its widely expanded 2019 edition of best high schools, including a Grand Rapids school that made the cut this year."

April 30, 2019

State Board Selects Three Finalists for Next State Superintendent

"The State Board of Education today selected three candidates to continue the process to become Michigan’s next State Superintendent."


April 25, 2019

MDE and MSU Partner to Study Competency-Based Education

"Michigan State University (MSU) researchers will help the state understand how districts are implementing personalized approaches to student learning, with a nearly $1.5 million in private grant funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation."


March 6, 2019

 My daughter is learning different ways to help her learn.



    The management at KAMA Tutoring is great. They are really doing a good job helping me increase my Math and English skills. I HIGHLY recommend them.



 Excellent tutoring concepts...



   My son is doing much better in school now, and I couldn't be more pleased with the services he is receiving at KAMA!



- Valerie J. -

- Alyssa H. -

- Kelly D. -

- Susan G. - 

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